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All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the documents and books are pdf files. You download the files upon purchase. There is no physical ship. Click here for the complete technical details of our products.

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* The Matrix Revealed is a collection of document files with some audio files.

* Exit From The Matrix is a collection of audio files with some document files.

* Power Outside The Matrix is a collection of audio files with some document files.

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Hi, it’s Jon.

A few of you have tried to get on the FREE email list (the "Join Our Email List" box on the upper left) and have run into that little thingo where you have to type in letters that are distorted, to prove you aren’t an alien from Andromeda.

Turns out that security feature, called CAPTCHA, automatically kicks in when a lot of people are signing up. A lot of people are signing up these days.

I’ve talked to my Email List Service Provider about it and they’re aware some people have a problem with it. I’ve had problems with it when I run into it.

So here’s a solution. After giving it a good try (and please give it a good try), if you can’t get by it, just email orders at, and someone will put you on the list right away.

We won’t do anything else with your email address. We’ll just get you on the list, so you can receive my articles in your Inbox.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced.